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1 workflow 1

Step 1: Read about brand and photo production requirements to estimate your qualification. 

Step 2: Explore the list of the latest editorial requests. 

Step 3: Apply for membership and submit preferred editorial request. Free membership is available, cancel any time.

4 workflow

Step 4: Our team will review your request and will let you know if your brand was approved. Usually it takes less than 2 business days.

5 workflow final

Step5: We'll send you the confirmation and payment link by email.

6 workflow

Step6: We'll create a content based on your brand assets. You will receive an article's preview before it's published. You can make 1 correction. 



Magazines present a great opportunity to have your work seen by millions of people in diverse locations worldwide. This article will help you understand what magazines and publishers are looking for in terms of photos, quality, standards. Editorial work allows you to build recognition in the commercial industry.

Images Format: JPEG

File size: less than 1 MB (for digital)
Resolution: 72 dpi for digital and 300 dpi for print.


1)    The first image must be centered, square, and shown on a white or very light background.  Images must not have any logos or text.

2)    Following images should then be model/lifestyle images — the more, the better! Help the customer see your product at its best.

3)    Product’s composition, on an artistic background, stone, or surrounded by other design elements.

All images and texts must be sent in one package through and be labeled with the corresponding destination: web or instagram or print.

Each product picture should have a name in a format: ie. Product’s name_brand.

640x400 sun hat

1. Single Product on a light background 

nsg fashion2

 2. Lifestyle Image 

 3. Product’s composition



1 brand req

Recently updated website with uploaded products line.

2 brand req

Your brand’s soty should tells the tale of your company's origins, values, goals, and mission.

3 brand req

Visual assets should include: the pictures on a light background and lifestyle images.



HOW TOO SEND BRAND’S ASSETS? All assets need to be sent through by using the email [email protected] . Please, DON’T send your assets directly to email. 


For the “Products’ Overview” articles we’ll need from you:  3-4 pictures,  “about brand” text file (up to 2000 symbols with a space), 3 bullet points what makes your brand special/interesting, website link, social media. All pictures needs to be named “Product.Brand”.


For the “Expert Opinion” articles, please, send us 2 headshots, your comment, website link, you name/last name, title. 


For the “COVER” projects, please, send us lifestyle photoshoots, “about brand” text file (up to 2000 symbols with a space), 3 bullet points what makes your brand special/interesting, website link, social media. All pictures needs to be named “Product.Brand”.


HOW TO CONTACT COMPANY’S REPRESENTATIVE IF I NEED MORE INFORMATION? You can always use our contact form to schedule a meeting or send us an email to [email protected], we’ll get back to you shortly. 


HOW CAN I UPGRADE MY MEMBERSHIP? Step1: Cancel your current subscription. Step2: Subscribe for a new package.


WHEN CAN I EXPECT AN ARTICLE TO BE PUBLISHED? Online articles take 30 days to be delivered starting from the day when the brand’s assets were provided after payment. 


ARTICLE TRANSLATION. IT’S WRITTEND IN A FOREING LANGUAGE, HOW CAN I CHECK IF ALL INFO IS CORRECT? You always can use google translate to check the content. 


WHAT MEANS 2 OR 3 COUNTRIES IN EDITORIAL REQUEST? It means that an article will be published in one of these countries. 


2 MAGAZINES’ LOGOS IN EDITORIAL REQUEST mean that the article will be published in one of these magazines. 

ARTICLE APPROVAL. We’ll send you the article preview before it’s published.  You can make 1 (one) correction in case it’s related to product details (function description, Name). You CAN’T change the text style/wording because it’s editorial material.  


IS THE PAYMENT FOR MEMEBRSHIP IS REFUNDABLE? The monthly subscription payment is non-refundable. You can cancel it at any time, any package. You can also start working with us by using a free plan.


CAN I CANCEL EDITORIAL PLACMENT AFTER MAKING A PAYMENT?  No, unfortunately.  Creating content for worldwide magazines it’s a multi-stage process with its own publishing calendar and approvals on different levels.  Because of the complexity of this process, we cant cancel it. 


HOW TO CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP? Sign in to your package > “profile info” (under “Editorial Requests”) > “Cancel Membership”.


Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Grazia magazines
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